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Tips For Giving Your Dog a Hair Cut

Some dogs will not keep still. This is especially true when trying to give their hair a trim. Should you take them to a professional?

There is nothing worse then trying to groom a dog that will just not sit still! And if you’ve got a pair of scissors or clippers in your hand then could become a real problem.

Our Vets have treated a few nasty cuts, wounds and even eye injuries because dogs wouldn’t stay still when their owner was trying to groom them.

To help with home grooming you may want to try a little treat! If you can get your dog to stay still because they’ve got food rewards in front of them – that can ease the grooming process.

Also keep away from the face and ears with scissors. Use clippers instead as they are much safer around a dog head.

If your pooch is a bit of a handful to groom at home, you can aways take them to a Groomer.

They have a special grooming table which will have a pole and a lead that attaches to the dogs collar.