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How Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Overweight?

Is your pet a little (a lot) overweight? Here are some tips to help you and your little one out...

"How can you tell if your pet is overweight? There are a few little things us vets look at to assess their body condition score, which you can do at home as well.

First of all see if you can feel their ribs, now I can feel Teddy’s ribs, just. See if you can feel his spine, I can feel his spine in there. There is a little bit of a fat layer that shouldn’t be there but I can feel it. There’s a bit of fat at the base of his tail and that probably shouldn’t be there as much as it is.

The easiest thing to do for a dog is when they are having a bath and they are wet because their fur does add a little bit of width onto them but not heaps. Just look at them from the top. So when you’re looking at Teddy from the top if you’re having a look at him now, he’s a little bit of barrel shape so he kind of just goes straight down. He doesn’t have much of a waist. Us humans want a waist; dogs need one as well to look slim and fit. This is how he should look, so he should have a little waist. It should be out at the ribs and go in at the waist.

With cats look at the tummy, fat cats will have a pendulous tummy and that’s a really good indicator that they are eating too much food. But when you are as cute as Teddy it’s really hard to say no, so maybe he just needs more walks."