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Australian Vets Saving Dogs In Thailand


Aussie Vets & the Soi Dog Foundation also work hard stop the dog meat trade...

AustralianVeterinarian Dr Matt Buchanan-Pascall has commenced his fourth excursion to Phuket, where he has started frequently taking teams of up and coming vets to support the Soi Dog Foundation.

Here the team will spend three weeks de-sexing street dogs in hope to rest the increase of spreading disease, in addition to improving living conditions for local animals and people.

Dr Buchanan-Pascall said, "If we take care of the dogs and at least restrict the population through de-sexing schemes as well, that has a knock-on effect to the health of the public there as well - There's less danger there for them, less disease that's able to be spread."

Australian Vets and the Soi Dog Foundation also work hard stop the dog meat trade in Thailand.

"There's quite a lot of export that goes from Thailand, up towards countries like China and Vietnam." Dr Buchanan-Pascall said about the disturbing situation. "Particularly distressing when you keep in mind as well that the meat is most appreciated, or said to be, when the dogs have undergone major stress - So it's not just that they are being eaten, it's also the treatment they receive prior to that."

The work of the vets in helping the Soi Dog Foundation is very rewarding, with them agreeing that even if they’ve only managed to touch five dogs and ten people”, at least they’ve managed to make a bold improvement.

Hip Surgery for rescued puppy

2 weeks ago whilst we were in Fiji we rescued an abandoned puppy that we estimate is about 3 months old. She was starving, filthy, covered in ticks and could barely stand or walk. We fed her, washed her, removed all ticks and just gave her love. We called her Pretzel as she was so skinny when we found her that all her bones were sticking out and her hip bones looked like a big twisted pretzel and her long skinny legs looked like Pretzel sticks. Our intention was to find her a home in Fiji but after a week or so she had gained weight, but we noticed that her left hip bone was still protruding and that when she walked we noticed that her left back foot turned out slightly. Also, when she ran she would use both back legs together and hop like a bunny. We took her to an animal shelter in Fiji called Animals Fiji and they examined her and advised that they thought it might be dislocated. They X-rayed her and then sedated her to try and manipulate the bone back into the socket. This was unsuccessful. The vet advised that it appeared that the end of the bone where the ball should be round was malformed either from a trauma/injury when young or by birth. He advised that he does not have the equipment in Fiji to treat her properly and that she would need surgery to correct the bone and to tighten the ligaments to her support her leg. We are exporting her to Australia on the 7th of March and are trying to raise some funds to assist us. We are hoping that you can assistance to find a Vet in Melbourne that could assist with the operation at a reasonable price.