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Luxembourg – The Most Animal-Friendly Country in the World!


New legislation put forth to make Luxembourg the most animal-friendly country...

Ever wondered what the most animal-friendly country in the world was? It’s the tiny country with a huge heart, Luxembourg!

Bordering Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg has proposed a new animal rights legislation which states that animals are responsive creatures and they experience various emotions. The legislation also states, animals endure negative emotions such as fear and suffering.

With the help of animal rights activists, the bill was written by Fernand Etgen, Luxembourg’s Minister of Agriculture. It puts a ban on the slaughter of animals for their wool, skin, feathers and fur. It also puts a boundary around the selling of cats and dogs from breeders, puts a stop to offering animals as prizes or gifts as well as disposing of male chicks because they do not lay eggs.

If any of these laws are broken, the offender will face fines over $200,000 and jail time depending on the severity of the law breached.

Due to this new legislation, Luxembourg has been noted as the most progressive and liberal country in the world.

Go Luxembourg!