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​Jurassic Pooch!


New "bone-crushing" canine species fossil found…

Paleontologists this week have uncovered a new canine species!

Cynarctus wangi is believed to have belonged to the extinct "bone-crushing dogs" known as the Borophaginae family.

The study which discovered the fossil say the dog was about the size of a coyote.

They lived along the shore of eastern North America over 12 million years ago and survived on a diet of meat and veg - says lead author Steven E. Jasinski:

"Based on its teeth, probably only about a third of its diet would have been meat - It would have supplemented that by eating plants or insects, living more like a mini-bear than like a dog."

Expect the Cynarctus wangi to make an appearance in the next Jurassic Park blockbuster!

Pic: An illustration of Cynarctus wangi by Mauricio Antón