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What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident With A Pet


If you're involved in an incident here's what you need to know...

In this weeks new Bondi Vet we meet Bo an unfortunate cat who was hit by a car - Hundreds of thousands of animals are sadly killed each year due to motor vehicles.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you fall victim to the incident, or are attending to an animal hit, here is what you need to know.

  • Stop: Safely pull over and assess weather the animal is still alive. Take note: if is visible that pink paint is on the animal, then there is no need for you to stop, as it means a wildlife carer has already checked the animal
  • Caution: Be very careful when you approach an injured animal, as they are likely to be scared and may be fierce to defend themselves.
  • Inspect: Assess the animal for wounds and injuries if you can approach it safely. You can do so by approaching slowly and using a soothing and calm voice.
  • Call for help: In the occurrence of an animal that has survived, ensure that you contact your local wildlife rescue group, or nearing veterinary. They will either come out to you, or be able to provide assistance.
  • Shock: If the animal has a rapid heart rate, lowered blood temperature and pale gums, this could be a sign that the animal is in shock. If this is the case, cover it with a blanket and bring it into a veterinarian or emergency clinic.
  • Re-locate: If it is possible, move the animal from the road. If the animal is in fact dead, this will decrease the chance of scavenger animals getting into a further collision. If the animal is just injured, take great care in doing so as you may cause further damage.
  • Aid: In the event of a serious injury, apply pressure with a cloth to stop the bleeding wounds. In the event of a bone which is clearly broken, try your best to immobilise it by creating a splint
  • Wait: Wait by the animal if services are coming out, or drive the animal to the appropriate location.