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Pets and Owners Heartbeats In Sync?


New research reveals hearts align between dogs and owners...

The connection between dog and owner has just gotten stronger, with recent studies revealing that our hearts beat in sync when together.

Dr Duncan and Mia Cobb, a PHD student and canine scientist, discovered that when the pet and its owner were in contact, the heart rates of both lowered significantly.

Ms Cobb stated that she “wasn’t expecting how much they were synched up and it surprised and impressed [her].”

Around 20 points were dropped in the heart rate of the human, whilst the dogs decreased by around a whopping 40 points when the two were united.

A campaign has been created where dog owners are encouraged to share their dog photos on Facebook with the official hash tag. #HeartsAligned

For every post until the end of May, Pedigree will donate $1 to national rescue organisation Pet Rescue.

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