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Etiquette of Dog Parks


Know the rules buddy!...

There are certain behaviours every responsible dog owner should be aware of before taking their pet to the dog park.

Referring to data collected by the City of Sydney, there have been numerous complaints relating to dogs with bad behaviour. Some of these behaviours include owners not picking up after their dogs and dogs not being on a leash in the on-leash areas.

To ensure the best interest of your pal and other pooches at the park, be sure to apply by the rules and etiquette of the dog park. These may include keeping your dog on a leash until it has received an adequate amount of training, so that your pal does not attack other dogs or humans wile getting familair to new environments.

Before testing your dog’s ability to behave around other dogs at the dog park, try socialising your dog on a leash or in a small courted off areas under close supervision.

Other tips before bringing your best mate to the doggy park include making sure your dog has had complete vaccinations, is not on heat, is trained to listen when you recall, does not bully or act aggressively towards other dogs and most importantly, for owners to keep an eye on their dogs at all times.

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