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The Best Way to Travel With Dogs in the Car


How to safely travel with dogs in moving vehicles...

When it comes to travelling with in cars with pets, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure dogs are being transported safely while travelling in a moving vehicle. This includes ventilation of the vehicle, ensuring it is at the right temperature and a sufficient amount of food and water is on board.

The best place for a dog to travel is in the back seat of a car using some sort of restraining device. This is for the safety of both the dog and the driver.

Although dogs may love sticking their heads out the window, it can sometimes result in serious injuries. Incoming specks of dirt may land in the dog’s eyes which can go on to cause nasty infections.

If you are planning an extended trip, don’t forget to bring an adequate amount of food and water. It is also important to have an enough breaks for your dog to go to the toilet and have to have a run around.