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How To Remove Tear Stains From Your Dog's Eyes

Some dogs suffer from unsightly tear stains on the face as a result of blocked eye ducts or eye irritations. The reddish brown streaks on the fur around the eyes are more noticeable on light-haired dogs and dogs with long hair around their face.

Dr. Melissa Meehan offers her top tips on doggie eye stain removal...

Top Tips

  • To reduce the likelihood of a dog developing tear stains, the area around the eyes must be fur-free. It is best to get hair in the sensitive eye area cut by a professional groomer or vet to avoid any accidental injury.
  • A vet can also recommend a good eye cleaning solution for your dog to keep away dirt and dust free.

These top tips can help keep your dog tear stain free. However, if tear stains remain visible it is best to consult a vet to determine the exact cause and provide the correct treatment for your dog