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How To Look After Your Post-Operation Pet Wearing a Surgery Collar

It is very stressful when pets require surgery and even more so in the days following an operation when your pet might disturb a wound. That is where surgery collars come in, which prevents a pet from touching their stitching and possibly causing another costly visit to the vet.

Dr. Melissa Meehan from Talk to the Animals provides her top tips about how to deal with your post-operation pet wearing a surgery collar...

Top Tips

  • Make sure your pet can reach food and water by ensuring that bowls are raised slightly and have a smaller diameter than the collar.
  • Make wearing a surgery collar a positive experience. Use lots of praise and food treats, and make sure to play lots of games to prevent any post-op depression.
  • Keep the inside of the collar clean and never leave a dog wearing a surgery collar unattended.

Wearing a surgery collar is for the best of your pet and for a short time only. Do not be tempted to take it off early despite imploring eyes.