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How To Choose The Right Food For Your Pet

Fat. Sugar. Salt. Pet food has many of the same unhealthy additives as human fare. The best way for people to choose the right food for their pets is to review pet food packaging.

Dr. Melissa Meehan outlines what to look for when choosing the best food products for your pet...

Top Tips

  • Be aware of your pet's needs. Growing puppies and kittens need more fat than adults. Whilst geriatric pets are less active and require less calories. However, both require the correct food for their age and breed to ensure they are getting the right nutrients and vitamins.
  • Carefully read pet food packaging specifications. Most brands create specific diets for different ages and breeds, which are outlined on the exterior label.
  • It is important to note that cat food cannot be substituted for dog food or vice versa. Different animals have very different needs and could become unwell if fed the wrong food.

Do your research to ensure that your pet is getting their dietary requirements. If still unsure about what to feed your pet you should consult a vet.