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Is It Safe To Treat Your Pet With Human Medication?

Like all animals, pets sometimes need medication when sick in order to aid recovery. However, pets cannot consume human medication such as paracetamol or other drugs, which can be dangerous or even fatal to a cat or dog.

Dr. Melissa Meehan provides advice on how to avoid accidentally poisoning your pet...

Top Tips

  • Only vets can prescribe medication for pets. Never give your pet people pills. Even small doses of human medication, including child doses, can be harmful to both dogs and cats.
  • Keep medications out of reach from all pets. Be especially careful not to drop any medication where a pet could easily consume a fallen tablet. Make sure you account for every pill dropped if there is a spill.
  • Even if your pet is very sick, never try to medicate them yourself. Always consult a vet to get the right treatment for your pet.

Follow these top tips to put your pet on the quickest path to recovery.