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Help Prevent Your Cat From Getting Hairballs

Furballs are a common issue for cats, especially in the summer months. Dr Chris gives you some tips for preventing them altogether...

"Cats are great self stylists, the only problem with all that grooming though, is that hair inevitably ends up in the stomach from which it's all brought up on your carpet, very unpleasant. Like that...unpleasant.

Daily brushing is my number one tip for preventing cat hairballs, especially during warmer months. They're naturally trying to get rid of that coat during summer so it's much easier to try and train them to enjoy the brushing, and not fight against it.

You can also try a cat laxative paste like this. Now how this works is it actually helps them to try and digest the fur, as opposed to bringing it back up. Little trick, you put it on the finger, they usually run away, then you race after them, put it on their paw, they lick it off, pretty simple."