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Siberian Forest Cat

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Energetic. Intelligent and affectionate, the Siberian Forest Cat is a sweet natured animal with an angelic look. You’ll fall in love with this companionable feline if you enjoy someone following you from room to room throughout the day.

Where I'm From

The history of the Siberian Forest Cat is a little patchy. The felines are native to Russia, and are believed to have existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years, in a harsh climate that forced them to evolve.

It’s not known when the breed was introduced to Europe, but it did make its way to America in 1988. A Louisiana breeder made a deal with a Russian cat club member to trade four Himalayans for three Siberians, and slowly the population grew.

One of the most famous cats in Russia is Dorofei, who belongs to former President Dmitry Medvedev. Rumour has it Dorofei would spar with then neighbour Mikhail Gorbachev’s cat, forcing the fighting feline to be neutered.

What I Look Like

Siberians are big cats. They’re second in size only to the Maine Coon, and weigh much more than most cats. Female Siberians are smaller than their male counterparts.

Their outer coats are long and heavy, which reflects the harsh climate from which they originated, while their undercoat is adaptable, becoming thicker to help the feline cope in the cold. It’s also oily and water resistant.

Like most cats, the Siberian comes in a variety of colours and patterns including classic tabby, tortoiseshell and smokey. Their sweet look echoes their kind nature.

These felines are powerful creatures and can jump long distances. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs and their backs have a subtle curve.

How I Act

Siberians are intelligent and affectionate by nature. They’re a gentle breed, which makes them suitable pets for young children. These creatures are not all that keen on spending time alone, so if you’re away from home a lot during the day, consider getting a companion cat.

If you’re looking for a cat that will fall asleep on your lap in the evenings, you should reconsider adopting a Siberian. These guys are definitely not lap cats (and considering their size, it’s probably not a bad thing). They do enjoy spending time with their owners though and are known to have dog-like traits. It’s not uncommon for Siberians to follow people from room to room in a similar fashion to a pooch.

Looking After Me

When you look at the Siberian you could be forgiven for thinking its long coat would take a lot to maintain, but fortunately, that’s not the case. This breed doesn’t shed much, nor does it require a lot of grooming. It does however enjoy the attention that comes with a good brush down, so consider making that part of your quality time together.

This particular breed is very active and will burn a lot of energy in any given day. As such, these cats can have a ravenous appetite, so you’ll need to control their diet to prevent these greedy felines stacking on weight.

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