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World’s Oldest Cat Dies at Age 30

Scooter the oldest feline in the world passes away after three decades...

Last month we bought you sad story of the death of the world’s oldest dog, now we have the passing of the world’s oldest cat.

Scooter, the Siamese cat has recently made his way into the Guinness Book of Records after celebrating his 30th birthday in March this year. By the time his title came around however, he had sadly passed away.

World's oldest cat

The feline was born in 1986 and was said to have lived a rather exciting life. He was described as a cat that was both energetic and mischievous combined with the desire of curiosity.

Scooter’s vetenarian described the cat with a strong will to live. Cats and other domestic animals are living longer these days due to advances in technology and advances in veterinary medicine.

Other ways to keep your cat happy and healthy include regularly vet check ups, balanced and healthy diet, maintaining their weight and exercise levels and keeping them safe from dog attacks and busy roads.

In human years, Scooter would have reached a whopping 136 human years. The average life expectancy of a cat is usually somewhere between 12 to 16 years of age with the Siamese more than doubling that number.

How’s that for a cat with nine lives!

Photograph via @GWR