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Docile, affectionate, and playful.

Ragdolls are easygoing and mild-mannered cats that love spending time around humans. They have an excellent temperament which makes them suitable for families with children as well as other cats and dogs. They are playful and affectionate but not overactive or aggressive. Rag dolls come in four traditional coat colours; seal, chocolate, blue or lilac and three distinctive patterns; colour point, omitted and bicolour. They need to be groomed twice a week to keep the coat soft and silky.

It is recommended that you keep your pet Ragdoll indoors as they lack the instinct to protect themselves outside.

A Ragdoll would make an excellent indoor companion for most households due to their gentle nature and sweet personality. Very young children should be taught not to play too roughly with this cat as they can be easily hurt because of their accepting nature.