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Full of colour, personality and something to say, the Javanese is a devoted family breed who will get along with kids famously. Similar in almost all respects to their relatives, the Javanese is distinguished by their striking eyes and variety of colours.

Where I'm From

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this seemingly self explanatory cat’s heritage is straightforward. In fact it’s about as straightforward as their brother in arms the Balinese.

The Javanese does not, and never has come from the Indonesian island of Java (except for possibly a few lucky vacationers). From the same lineage as the Siamese (shave the cat and you’ve got an uncanny resemblance), the Javanese was developed by adding a dash of colour, in the form of of the Colorpoint Shorthair, to the popular Balinese breed.

Due to the breeds close relationship with the Balinese, inventful cat developers named the Javanese after the neighbouring island to Bali, Java.

What I Look Like

Long, elegant, slender, but muscular, the Javanese is extremely similar to the Siamese and Balinese, albeit for one trait, its colour.

Coming in a range of colours including lynx, cream, flame and tortie, the constant throughout every iteration of this beautiful breed is their striking blue eyes, which they will use to try and gain favour with devoted owners.

A longhaired cat, the Javanese has a plumed tail, which if maintained, will stay fluffy and lush.

Even though they have an elegant, almost glamourous appearance, they are actually quite muscular and sturdy. You’ll know this the first time you pick one up.

How I Act

Some may call them a chatterbox but that would imply they say a lot about nothing. Think of the Javanese as great communicators. They will listen to what you have to say and respond accordingly. They will also let you know when something crosses their mind, so if you are going to pick one up, be prepared to invest in small talk.

A loving breed, the Javanese is a great pet for families, especially households with children. Just make sure your kids know about responsible pet ownership.

Highly intelligent, they are capable of learning commands and don’t mind going for a stroll on a leash. Although you don’t have to worry too much about exercising them as they will mainly create their own fun to burn energy off around the house.

They are a fiercely loyal breed who will follow a devoted owner to the end of the earth, or just under the bed covers. They love a good snuggle.

Looking After Me

Being a long haired breed, you’d assume they are high maintenance, but with these guys that’s not necessarily the case. You will have to brush them a couple of times a week, check their ears every now and then, and give their nails the occasional trim, however, the Javanese largely look after themselves. If you want to keep their plume tail looking fabulous, you will have to invest a little bit of time each week.

They are picky about their litterbox (aren’t we all), so make sure you keep their lavatory in tip top condition.

A downside to this beautiful breed is the same susceptibilities that plague the Siamese and Balinese. They are prone to eye, heart and respiratory issues, so make sure you take them to a vet for a regular check up.

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