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Exotic Shorthair

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Calm, curious and affectionate.

The Exotic Shorthair is basically a Persian cat but with a short coat.

Where I'm From

This distinctive cat was first bred in the USA in the 1960’s. An American shorthair was bred with a Persian longhair. The aim was to end up with a cat that looked Persian, but without the Persian’s heavy long coat.

What I Look Like

The Exotic shorthair is medium sized with big expressive eyes, a short snub nose and a large round head with full cheeks and small ears set well apart.

Exotics come in more than 90 different colours from blacks, through to creams, blues and tortoiseshell.

How I Act

Exotic shorthairs are gentle and docile. They get on well with children, but are also quite content being left on their own.

Although they have shorter, denser coats than their Persian cousins, exotic shorthairs do need regular attention to their coat. Regular brushing is recommended.

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