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Playful, affectionate, sweet-natured

Where I'm From

A cat resembling a Burmese is mentioned in documents dating as early as the 1350's. But it's generally acepted that the Burmese we know today is a descendent of one female, Wang Mau, which was imported from Burma to the United States in the early 20th century.

What I Look Like

Burmese are medium sized, compact cats, with a wedge shaped head and large, golden eyes. Their coat is short and silky, ranging in colour from rich browns through to blues, lilacs and cream.

How I Act

A Burmese is an ideal pet if you want an affectionate and attentive little companion. They're smart and gentle and thrive on company. They don't enjoy being left alone for too long.

A Burmese will always seek out a lap and they like plenty of pats from their owners.

This breed will display kitten like playfulness even when they are adults.

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