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Attractive, gentle, and devoted.

Where I'm From

This ancient breed has long been described as the 'sacred cat of Burma'. Delve into a Birman's past and you'll find mystery and intrigue.

A Buddhist legend claims the breed originated in a Buddhist temple. When one of the priests was murdered, a blue eyed goddess magically transformed all the temple cats into her likeness.

The less romantic version is that breed was developed by burmese priests.

Over time this exceptional looking cat has become popular with pet lovers all over the world.

What I Look Like

The Birman is a stunning looking cat, and easily distinguishable by its deep blue eyes and pure white feet.

They have long, silky fur, with the colour ranging from blues through to lilacs, chocolate and tabby. The cats have darker colouring on their face, ears, legs and tail.

Kittens are born white and will develop colour as they grow.

How I Act

The Birman has a sweet gentle appearance, and a temperament to match. They enjoy company, and are super affectionate and easy to handle, so make an ideal family pet.

Having a Birman in the house is like having a furry little four legged person around! They love to get involved in whatever you're doing.

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