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Naughty, intelligent and beautiful, Bengals are one of the stand-outs of the cat world. It's the distinctive 'wild' markings on their coat that sets them apart, making them look as if they would be more at home in a jungle than in suburban home.

Where I'm From

Bengals are a relatively modern breed of cat. They're the result of generations of crossbreeding small Asian leopards with moggies. These gorgeous felines have attractive coats similar to that of their leopard ancestors and, yet, they are harmless domestic animals.

What I Look Like

Bengals are large cats with stunning looks. They have dinstinctive large spots and stripes that, at first glance, make them appear like a small leopard.

They have a white belly and their sleek coat is rich and lustrous.

How I Act

These cute kitties are unusual felines with unusual traits. Forget peace and quite, Bengals are full of energy. These curious pets are playful, confident and adventurous.

Bengals are super smart, and super naughty. They can be quite a handful and need lots of toys to keep their minds engaged. If Bengals are not kept occupied chances are they'll quickly get up to make mischief by destroying your favourite household items.

Unlike other cats, Bengals love having a splash, and absolutely adore water.

Looking After Me

Bengals crave attention, so be prepared to spend a fair amount of time playing around with your little friend.These confidents cats are also loud, and insistent, and they will not hesitate to let you know if they need anything. It's difficult to ignore the meow of a Bengal.

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