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What To Feed Your Cat

Cats can live off just fish right? Wrong.

Dr Chris explains why, and tells you what makes up the best feline diet.

"Nowadays cat food is a billion dollar industry, with a huge range of foods available. Despite all this, I constantly get asked 'What should I feed my cat, and how much?'

For a happy and healthy cat, variety is the key. A good combination of meats, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals will keep puss in tip top condition.

Did you know it's a myth that can cats can live on fish alone? In fact a diet of just fish can send them blind.

The way to go with cats, is dry or canned food, or a combination of both. Dry foods are more concentrated so you need less and the food lasts longer. Canned foods are around 80% water, which is a lot, but it can be a good way of keeping up their hydration.

Modify their diet with age. Younger cats need more protein and calcium while older cats need more joint supplements, fibre and antioxidants."