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How To Look After An Outdoor Cat

There are many things that can be harmful to your cat.

Dr. Mel gives you a rundown on some of the main things to look out for...

"So what did you do last night? You didn’t come home the entire night. That is a common scenario with cats. You feed them, they nick off and hang out from dusk to dawn with their mates maybe getting into a fight and coming back with a scratch or maybe just coming back randomly for their breakfast. Is that ok? Well the thing you need to remember is that there is an entire environment around them which they can affect and native animals in particular can really be affected in numbers if cats are around stalking them.

The other thing that can happen is if they get into fights then they can become a statistic. 1 in 4 Australian cats have FIV, Feline Immune deficiency Virus like human AIDs. If you’re cat does happen to get feline AIDS then they can have a shorter lifespan and their immune system doesn’t work properly so they can become quite ill with just normal diseases that they get over quite quickly.

So what you need to do is make sure that your cats aren’t getting into fights because that is how it is transmitted, through biting. You also need to make sure that your cat is vaccinated against cat AIDs. We are very lucky that we have a vaccine around and it’s given yearly, so Buzz has got it on board but I’m still going to make sure that I keep him in at night because I don’t want him to get any abscess or scratches to his face."