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Why Do Cats Purr?

Do cats only purr when they are happy? Or have you been misled this whole time.

Dr. Mel sets the record straight...

“Why do cats purr? Especially when they are in the consult room and they’re meant to be stressed out. They can purr for a couple of reasons. You know that when you are patting them and they are loving it they purr and that’s because it says I’m being submissive, I’m relaxed and I’m comfortable. Kittens do it when their mother is nursing them.

Also they think that when a cat purrs it releases a chemical in the brain that makes a cat less anxious. So that could be why when they’re in the consult room they tend to purr. It’s a nervous purr. It could also be saying to the vet 'hey I'm not a threat to you, don’t hurt me I’m submissive to you'.


Purring says happy, nervous or submissive

But they are the things we sort of have to get around in a consult room. We don’t have a sink in here so we will go in the other room ok? And you can stop that purring, and the biting. Thank-you. “