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Why Does Your Cat Rub Against Things?

Cat owners everywhere know the feeling. A brush passed an unassuming leg by your loving cat. By why do they do this? Is it purely affectionate? Then why do they rub against objects as well?

Dr. Melissa Meehan explains why...

"Why do cats rub against you or objects around the house? It's not only because they are being self centred and trying to rub their smell onto the object or yourself, it can be for a few reasons and I’ll explain them.

They actually have awesome noses. Compared to us they’ve got 19 million little odour receptors in their nose, we’ve got five. So they’ve got very, very good senses of smell. So when they rub against you they are trying to get some of your scent on them and then they go off later and they kind of savour the smell so you should take it as a compliment.

When they do it to a couch I don’t think they are really trying to get the couches smell onto them they are doing it to deposit their own scent. They actually have scent glands on their temple and on their tail which they can deposit their own special smell onto that object, we can’t smell it but they can and other cats can.

So there it goes, the secrets out, that’s why they rub."