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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Annoyed

From meowing to raising their hairs, cats offer a few way to let their owners know that they aren't the happiest. Dr. Mel shows you some of the signs to look out for...

"So they certainly can't talk, but there is a lot of body language that you can read to know exactly what is going on in here. At the moment he is sitting there looking kind of happy and calm, but I know that he is actually a little bit peeved because I am making him stay still. See this tail-flicking going on, that means he is a bit annoyed. When we are in the consult room and a cat starts doing that its pretty normal but then if their hair starts going on end and their ears start going back, we know maybe we are going to get bitten.

Warning Signs

Flicking Tail
Raised hairs
Ears back
= Crabby Cat… STAY CLEAR

But that’s the first sign that the cat is not happy, but we’ll make you happy."