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Pet Article

Cop Rescues Kitten


Police officer comes across unlikely partner...

28 Year old South Carolina police officer Cody Garrett, had a not so routine patrol when he heard cries coming from a dumpster. The officer began investigating where he found his soon to be companion, a stray kitten.

Garrett retrieved the stray kitty and brought it back to the station, but no one knew what to do with the poor feline. Garrett who had recently adopted a cat named Toothless, took matters into his own hands and adopted the feline too, naming it Squirt.

The cop nursed the kitten to better health and one Squirt was larger, it became his second in command!

Their inspirational story went viral around social media, paired with a photo of newly adopted, Squirt, sitting on his shoulder.

This wasn’t the first time Garrett had done his part in animal rescue either, he also saved Toothless, and her abandoned puppies, and aided a blind dachshund to a local shelter.

What a legend!

Image: Donut Operator / Via