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Why is the Internet Obsessed With Cats?


Why do we love cats on our computers?...

If you have been hit with a Grumpy Cat meme, come across a motivational poster featuring a fluffy feline or if your social media pages are constantly inundated with pictures of fur balls with markings of eyebrows and moustaches then you know exactly what we are talking about.

The Internet of the 21st century has been taken over by these four-legged animals. The tales and cat-astrophic adventures of two fluffy friends, Cole and Marmalade are creating the next feline frenzy. Chris Poole, the man behind the YouTube channel sheds insight on why cats have taken over.

Poole’s verdict is not only the fact they’re adorable, but they also assist in creating a sense of escapism for us humans. He mentions cat videos and cat memes help people get through the day. They make our lives meow-nificent.

Who doesn’t love a one-minute video of a cat chasing its tail, pictures of cats sleeping in awkward places or photos of kittens with purr-fect cat puns? We’re purr-suaded Poole is onto something here…

Whether Poole’s conclusion is correct, or whether it’s another way for us to pro-cat-stinate, we aren't bothered, because it all seems to lead to a paw-sitive outlook. Cats make everything better, and just for reading this article, here is a picture of a kitten.

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