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Is There More To The Cats Meow?


Phonetics specialists have begun research on whether a cats meow is influenced by owners accent...

Susanne Schötz, who studies phonetics at Lund University in Sweden, will for the next five years study cats and their owners, alongside a group of phonetics specialists. The studies will examine whether pet cats adopt their owner’s accent.

By using recordings of both cats and owners from different parts of the country, the researchers hope to examine if a meow sounds the same all around the country.

The overall findings is intended to help further understand feline communication and weather the way they are spoken to, in terms of tones and accents, manipulates a cats speech delivery.

Schötz told the National Geographic, “Many cats and their human companions seem to develop a pidgin language in order to communicate better. We don’t know whether there are similarities in the languages or whether they’re specific to a cat/human pair”.

“If we can relate different types of melodies to different situations or different accents we hope to contribute to improving human-cat communication and also the quality of life for cats.”

Believe it or not other animals like birds and sperm whales have already been discovered to have varying ‘accents’ depending on their geographical location.

Information discovered from this project could be a breakthrough in feline communications in order to help improve our overall relationship with the beloved species.

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