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Most Popular Cat Names Of 2016... So Far


Does your cat’s name make the list?

A list of the most popular cat names of 2015 has just been released.

Among eight million cats, the winner is…


Trailing behind respectively in second and third place are the names ‘Bailey’ and ‘Poppy’ to give to your furry little friend.

Recent trends in pet names have revealed people are opting for human names to call their pets, as pets are becoming a more important part of our family life.

The list also included most popular names under the categories of food, music and Disney.

The winners were:

  • ‘Cookie’ for food
  • ‘Marley’ for music
  • ‘Simba’ for Disney

Other pop culture trends included characters of the late David Bowie as well as characters from Star Wars, Marvel Comics and the popular TV series, Game of Thrones.

The study also concluded the most popular name for a dog was Alfie, which was the overall top name for pets.

For the full list, visit Dover.