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How To Prevent A Cat Attack


Here's a few tips that could help your cat from coming home with a wound...

The saying ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ does hold some truth!

On this weeks new Bondi Vet we meet Achilles the cat, who was involved in a horrible attack by two Huskies.

For cat owners, it is difficult to ensure the safety of your cat at all times. Cats are naturally curious creatures that love exploring the outdoors. This can sometimes lead to dangerous situations.

Some precautions cat owners can take include keeping an eye out for any stray dogs without leashes.

Making sure your cat is kept indoors at night is also another way to practice safety.

As for dog owners, making sure you walk your dog regularly is a good way to prevent them from attacking cats and other small animals. Dogs that receive enough exercise are less likely to chase and attack other animals.

Supervising your dog and keeping them on a leash until they are ready may also assist in preventing attacks.