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Tips For Getting Your Cat To Eat a Tablet

Many owners dread having to give their feline medication. Cats often do not make the most patient of patients. Dr. Melissa Meehan provides her tips on how to effortlessly give tablets to your cat...

Top Tips

  • Giving tablets to a cat is a two person job. One person needs to keep the cat still with a firm yet soft grip and another person has to administer the drugs.
  • This is easiest achieved via a pill popper that holds the pill firmly and is used to insert the tablet into the side of the cat's mouth.
  • Once the cat is held securely, the person giving the tablets needs to grip the cat's head firmly and pull the top lip back to open the mouth.
  • Use the pill popper to insert the tablet into the cat's mouth then withdraw the device when deposited. Softly hold the cat's lips together and tickle their throat until the pill is swallowed. You know this has happened once the cat licks its lips.
  • Repeat this process for subsequent pill dispensation.

These tops tips will hopefully make caring for your sick cat a little easier.