Dog stuff you can't do without

When it comes to dog accessories, it’s a jungle out there. There is so much - from the brilliant all the way through to the laughable and downright ridiculous. So I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite 5 things for dogs! This is definitely not a paid to plug situation - all these things really are - just things I love!

1. Dental chews

I really do love these chews. Check for the transparency in ingredients and combining superfoods and anti-inflammatory ingredients into a dental chew. These aren’t going to replace daily brushing or having their teeth cleaned BUT they help. And they are healthy, contain no sugars, super hypoallergenic for dogs with skin or digestion issues and they help keep the teeth clean. Definitely something I can’t live without (along with a toothbrush!)

2. A harness

I’ve been generic with this one because there are so many great harnesses out there but whatever you have is better than walking your dog with a collar only. Over time using a collar can do some real damage to a dog’s windpipe and neck so in my book, that means every dog should have a harness to be walked with. I have the ruffwear harness for a Benny but that’s because I like the handle that allows me to steady his old legs on uneven surfaces as well as help him in and out of the car. Ruffwear also have some harnesses with backpacks built in (meaning they can carry their own damn water bowl or poop bags). but for those of you that have dogs that pull you all over the place (a very difficult thing to train out!) a halti or gentle leader are fabulous.

3. Treat dispenser puzzles or Kong Gyro

For many dogs the regular Kong is too easy especially if you have a Labrador, Goldie, Poodle or Border Collie. The Treat Dispenser Puzzles and the Kong Gyro are harder to get the snacks out (essential for smart dogs!) and they last a lot longer meaning you can fill them with their breakfast or dinner and they’ll have hours of independent entertainment especially essential if you’re not at home for a period of time (and value your garden).

4. ‘Oh Crap’ non plastic poop bags

100% compostable non plastic poop bags are made out of cornstarch and they disintegrate within three months. They also feel luxe on your hands and are easy to break off and navigate the old poop pickup.

5. Glandex peanut butter chews

Glandex I use often for all those dogs that are prone to anal gland issues. It’s not a foolproof product, but it’s all natural and can really help ‘boot the scoot’. Contains pumpkin seeds and probiotics combined in a peanut butter chew, dogs often really like it and it really can help ward off bottom issues! Genius.

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