How to give your dog a haircut

Some dogs just will not keep still. This is especially true when trying to give their hair a trim.

There is nothing worse then trying to do something to your dog and having them run all around the table and if you’ve got a pair of scissors or clippers in your hand and you’re trying to groom them then it’s a real problem and it can actually be dangerous.

Bondi Vets have treated a few nasty cuts and wounds and even eye injuries because dogs wouldn’t stay still when their owner was trying to groom them.

If you can get the dog to stay still because they’ve got food rewards in front of them – easy, problem fixed.

The other thing that groomers do is that they’ll have a special grooming table. They will have a pole that comes up and there is a lead that come straight down and it attaches to the dogs collar so the dog can’t actually fall off the table.

If you’d like to do it at home you can do those things, just keep away from the face and ears with scissors and use clippers instead, it’s a bit safer.


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