6 etiquette tips when bringing your dog to a coffee shop

Is your dog appropriately socialised to take to the coffee shop?

With more cafes allowing pets to join their owners on the weekly outing, ensuring your dog will obey basic commands will make for a relaxing and enjoyable visit. It is important to remember it is a privilege and not a right to take your pet to a café and so ensuring you and your pet follow some simple tips will see you being welcomed back time and time again.

Our six tips for that successful outing to the coffee shop:

  • Tip 1. Select a table on the edges of the Café where there are less people and less distractions for your dog.

  • Tip 2. Tether your dog to your chair with a short leash and get them to lie at your feet so they don’t create any obstacles for the waiting staff.

  • Tip 3. Although your dog may already be tired from their morning walk bring something to occupy them like a chew or a toy. Keeping them settled will ensure there is no disturbances for other café visitors.

  • Tip 4: If you dog is un-settled, barking, whining or jumping up wanting food or attention be prepared to leave the café. Think of others before yourself.

  • Tip 5. Bring your own water in a portable water carrier as this shows good manners and pet safety.

  • Tip 6. Ensure your dog knows the basics of sit, stay, come etc so you can effectively control them if they get unsettled or distracted. Check out our dog training guide on some advice to teach your dog essential commands.

A few don’ts to consider are don’t put dogs on table, don’t let them eat of your plate, don’t bring them if they are dirty, ungroomed and have flatulence, and don’t be offended if others don’t want to sit beside you.

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