How to choose the right bowl for your dog

Dog bowls come in many different shapes and sizes. With so many choices, how can we be sure we make the correct one for our furry friends? Here’s Bondi Pet’s guide to dog bowls.

What types of dog bowl are there?

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Stainless steel dog bowls are a common choice for buyers due to being dishwasher-safe and more durable than other dog bowl materials. They can rust and develop stains if they are not cleaned regularly or if they are left outside, so taking care of them is important for protecting our pets’ health. It is recommended that you wash your dog’s bowl after every meal to get rid of harmful bacteria that can build up on food residue left in their bowls.

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Ceramic Pet Bowls

Ceramic bowls are heavier than plastic or stainless steel, so they will not be pushed around so easily, making them a great choice for messy eaters. The assortment of attractive patterns they can come with can make them a nice addition to your kitchen and they are also microwave-safe if your dog prefers warm food. However, they are more breakable, so they may not be the best choice if your dog is too rough or if you need to put it in the dishwasher.

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Designer Marble Dog Bowls

Heavy enough to prevent slipping across the ground, easy to wash in soapy water, and with its natural stone properties allowing for nice, cool water, marble is a great choice for dogs and a luxurious addition to any kitchen. But keep in mind it is important to research stoneware bowls to avoid lead, BPA, chemicals and plastic mixed into the bowl – Bondi Pet’s supply of marble bowls is free of all of these!

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Plastic Pet Bowls

Plastic dog bowls are unlikely to break if dropped, microwave-safe and usually dishwasher-safe too. You can also get them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours if you are looking to get your dog bowl personalised a bit, however, they can be easily scratched or chewed by many dogs, leading to areas for bacteria to build up.

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Travel Bowls

Often made from silicone, travel bowls’ collapsible build makes them easy to store and transport. They are dishwasher safe but very light and easy to push around, and dogs can puncture and tear them if not handled properly. This doesn’t make them ideal for everyday indoor use, but a necessity if you spend lots of time out and about with your dog.

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What kind of bowl should I use for my dog?

Stainless steel bowls are the easiest to clean and most durable of dog bowl materials. This makes them the safest option for our dogs, as they will not leak dangerous chemicals or bacteria into our dogs’ food or water like some plastics and old ceramics can. Because stainless steel is light and easy for a dog to shift as they eat from it, you can always buy a stand to keep it firmly in place to help prevent this.

What size bowl do I need for my dog?

The size of the dog bowl is less important than the size of the food portion your dog needs, so as long as the bowl holds their food it will work fine. Keep in mind, you do need to use specific amounts of scoops or portions of food to put into the bowl instead of just filling it to capacity, so you don’t overfeed your dogs. And that if you are looking to put water in the bowl, it needs to be large enough to hold at least a day’s worth of water so they don’t easily run out.

Are raised bowls good for dogs?

Keeping the bowl on the ground means different things for each dog. A large dog would find eating from the ground different to how a smaller dog would experience it. This is because larger dogs have to lower their head and necks more to reach the food, which can put a strain on their neck and make it harder for food and water to flow down their throats. A dog bowl stand can fix this problem by raising the bowl off the ground, making it more comfortable for larger dogs to enjoy their meal and help their digestion.

How can I stop my dog from eating too fast?

Many dogs love to gulp down their food as fast as they can, which can lead to many problems short and long-term. A dog bowl slow feeder is a bowl that uses built-in obstructions that your dog must eat around. This forces them to slow down and take smaller mouthfuls of their food which is much better for their digestion. They can come in a variety of materials such as plastic, stainless steel or bamboo fibre, which is available at Bondi Pet.

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