How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Dog

When it comes to pet beds, there is a world of choice

We humans spend a lot of time and a lot of money trying to find the perfect bed for that perfect night sleep, and it shouldn't be any different for our pets, so let's look at the options. Like us, animals come in all ages, shapes and sizes, so what's good for one, won't necessarily be good for all.

Are there different kinds of beds?

Yes! Beyond your standard kinds of shapes and sizes, there are beds you can buy if you have a particular need in mind.

  • We are big fans of raised beds. They get the pets off the cold wet ground and also allow the air to circulate underneath the mattress. They also very handy for arthritic dogs that can walk in and out of bed very easily. Snooza’s flea-free dog bed is a raised dog bed that allows airflow and some healthy distance between your pet and what lies on the ground. Made with an open weave, breathable mesh that stops fleas from burrowing into it and breeding, this is a great choice for a warm summer night in the backyard.

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  • If your dog is older and needs something easy to get on and off, then the Orthopaedic Dog Beds might be what you’re after. It’s low to the ground, easy on the joints and its uniquely curved shape lets them rest their head while they survey their surroundings.

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  • For the best of both worlds, the highly versatile Dog Blankets and Multimats can be placed on the ground or onto a raised bed frame. It can slot into a crate, fit into the car and is a comfortable choice for any dog.

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  • For expecting mums and puppies in training, the Stay Dry Mat is a breathable, stain-resistant and machine-washable bed that is a great choice for dogs that are prone to accidents that leave their beds wet.

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  • If your dog experiences signs of separation anxiety or storm phobia, there is a wide range of dog calming beds that can all be helpful to keep your dog calm when you leave. They may not be the magic fix but they won't do your pupper any harm.

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