The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Cleaning Up Pet Hair

When it comes to owning pets, one of the most commonly discussed downsides is having to clean up after them. For our furry companions, this means cleaning up their hair and lots of it. 


One of the easiest ways to tackle this task is of course to vacuum. However, not all vacuums are created equal and when it comes to pet hair some simply cannot stand up to the job for long.


If you’re on the hunt for the best vacuum cleaner for dealing with pet hair, then we’re here to make your shopping experience that bit easier. 


What To Look For

When selecting a vacuum cleaner for pet hair and general cleaning of your home, it pays to look a little deeper into what they offer. Given this is an investment that you want to last well for years while doing an exceptional job, we suggest looking for the following features:

    • Suction 

      There is absolutely no point in having a vacuum for pet hair that doesn't offer adequate suction. Pet hairs have a knack for getting stuck in fabrics or hidden behind furniture so you need a machine that can not only offer great suction but sustained suction.

      Look for vacuums that deliver over 100 Air watts as a bare minimum. 


    • Filtering

      Pet dander is a leading cause of allergies, so opting for a vacuum that also filters the air as it cycles through is highly recommended. Not only will this help to remove allergens from pets, but other allergens such as dust mites as well as pollen and bacteria.  

      Many great brands of vacuum come with washable air filters so you can be assured of better air quality without continued purchasing of new filters.


    • Battery Life

      If opting for a cordless stick vacuum (which we recommend for optimal ease of tackling pet hair) then battery life should be high on the list of priorities. Many stick vacuums can last 40 minutes or more which is ideal when you’re on a roll with the cleaning. 


    • Weight

      Whether you opt for a stick vacuum or floor model, be mindful of how much the vacuum weighs. Holding a stick vacuum for an extended period or lugging a floor model up and down stairs can quickly tire you out or cause muscle strain.

      A lightweight machine makes it easier to get the job done and helps it feel like less of an arduous chore. 


    • Size 

      This will largely come down to the specific needs of your home. If you have a large, very hairy dog prone to shedding you’re likely going to need a vacuum with a bigger capacity for holding what it picks up. 

      Conversely, If you have a small cat in an apartment, for example, you can probably go for a smaller vacuum that needs emptying less frequently.  


  • Tools & Versatility

    Pet hair can get in nooks and crannies all over the house. Finding a vacuum that comes with interchangeable heads or tools for tight spaces can help to make it easier to eradicate those bits of fluff or hair that have escaped under the furniture or down the side of the lounge. This can also make it easier to vacuum your pet's bed. 

    Some pet vacuums will also have the option to switch between wet and dry mode, perfect for homes where pet accidents can leave unsightly stains and odours behind. While this feature isn’t a must-have for many pet owners, it can certainly come in handy!


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Top 5 Pet Vacuum Recommendations In Australia


1. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum 


A more traditional bagged vacuum with some added modern touches, this option comes with a huge dust bag, adjustable suction and excellent filtration. The turbo brush head effectively tugs stubborn hair out of carpets, rugs and furniture without causing damage to the fibres. 

Designed to even assist with eliminating odours, this vacuum also comes with a variety of useful tools including a crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, synthetic dusting brush and more. 



  • Powerful, adjustable suction via an interactive control panel
  • Large 4.5-litre dust bag for less frequent emptying
  • Comes with additional accessories to make vacuuming a variety of spaces easier
  • Filters allergens as it cleans


  • Weighing in at over 5 kilos, this is a heavier option
  • Using a dust bag means continued expense in replacing them
  • Is less effective at dealing with larger debris or clumps of hair


2. Dyson V15 Detect 


Designed to automatically adjust suction based on the surface it is being used on, this vacuum easily shifts from hard floors to carpets and upholstery. Its suction abilities max out at an impressive 230AW and its HEPA filter efficiently cleans the air for maximum removal of allergens, pollen and dander. 

It comes with several helpful attachments as well as a built-in laser light to help make it easier to see loose hairs and dust on hard floors. It is easily one of the top best cordless vacuum cleaners for pet hair in Australia. 



  • Excellent battery power with up to 60 minutes of battery life depending on the level of suction used 
  • Easy-to-empty canister means no ongoing expenses for dust bags
  • Seriously powerful with three different levels of suction to choose from
  • Offer excellent maneuverability for ease of cleaning under furniture and swapping between surfaces
  • Comes with a washable HEPA filter for improved air quality and trapping of allergens


  • At 3 kilos, this is one of the heavier stick vacuums on the market
  • You have to hold the trigger down to use it, which can be uncomfortable when using it for an extended period
  • Expensive
  • The extreme suction in BOOST mode can make it difficult to move across the carpet as it tends to grab


    3. Hoover React Professional Pet Plus

A corded, bagless option this vacuum delivers powerful, adjustable suction and micro-filtration for the swift removal of allergens. Taking advantage of smart technology, you can even link this vacuum with your phone for better control of its settings and filter alerts. 


Coming with several additional tools and patented WindTunnel technology that guarantees no loss of suction, this option promises to make light work of pet hair in your home. 


  • Comes with a special pet upholstery tool
  • Variable suction 
  • Floor sensing technology for automatic suction changes between hard and soft floors
  • Very easy to maneuver 


  • At 8 kilos, this is one of the heavier and least compact options 
  • Small canister means more frequent emptying is required 
  • It is quite loud compared to its competitors 
  • As an upright rather than a cordless stick vacuum it is less portable 


    4. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light

An incredibly lightweight option at just over 6 kilos, this vacuum is ideal for those not wanting to lug a large vacuum around the house. Nimble and able to access corners and under furniture with ease, this vacuum also easily converts to a handheld for easy vacuuming of upholstery. 


As this model is corded, there is no risk of the battery running out mid clean and the powerful suction is noted as working exceptionally well to pick up pet hair on hard floors. The removable, washable air filter means better air quality without added costs of buying new filters. 



  • Corded, so no risk of the battery running out
  • Ideal for homes with mostly hard surfaces to clean
  • Much lighter than other stick vacuums on the market


  • Small dust canister means regular emptying
  • A narrow vacuum head means more time is needed for cleaning 
  • Corded, so less portable
  • Expensive


    5. iRobot Roomba j7+

Given the never-ending task that is vacuuming up pet hair, a robot vacuum can help you gain back valuable time by handling this chore for you. Specially programmed to avoid pet waste and able to self-empty during its cycle, this vacuum is a dream come true for many pet owners. For fans of technology, you can also link this machine with your smart home device or smartphone for easier control. 

With powerful lifting suction, edge cleaning brushes and rubber brushes that adjust to different floor types for optimal cleaning and fewer tangles, you can simply set and forget while still enjoying floors free of pet hair. 


  • Advanced sensors avoid the iRobot from falling down stairs or running over dog waste/spills/objects
  • Self-emptying
  • Fits under most furniture which allows it to capture pet hair that is otherwise hidden or hard to access
  • Powerful suction
  • Smartphone connectivity for ease of use


  • Expensive
  • Cannot vacuum stairs
  • Suction is not always effective on thick carpets or rugs
  • Can get stuck and lose its way


Wrapping Up


No matter which vacuum you choose, owning pets means that pet hair is a fact of life. We hope that this guide helps you overcome the hassles of pet hair and gives you more time to enjoy your pet instead of cleaning up after them. 


Remember that alongside vacuuming there are other steps you can take to reduce pet hair in the home. This includes regular grooming and weekly brushing to catch those loose hairs before they end up on your floor or furniture. 

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