10 tips on planning a perfect beach trip with a dog

Tip 1: Always do your research to check if the beach is dog friendly. Not all beaches are and also have restrictions depending on the time of year. Fines can certainly apply if the rules are not followed.

Tip 2: In addition to this research check the tethering restrictions. Interestingly some beaches require dogs to be tethered at all times. Seems counterintuitive but those are the facts.

Tip3: Poo bags poo bags poo bags……. don’t need to say anymore but just ensure you use them

Tip 4: Don’t let your dog drink the sea water! Bring your own water in a portable bowl and water bottle.

Tip 5: In Australia the sun is very harsh in summer and dogs can get seriously sun burnt. Appling and reapplying a suitable sunburn cream or wearing a UV safe jacket is a must when going to the beach in summer.

Tip 6: Using a life vest for dogs can enhance their experience and making playing in the water more reassuring and safer.

Tip 7: It is a well know fact that a lot of ear infections arise from poorly dried ears. If there is one thing you always do is, ensure you dry your dog’s ears as frequently as possible so as to avoid bacteria and infection.

Tip 8: As important in drying ears is clearing sand away from their face. Again, if this is left for too long it could cause eye infection which can be very uncomfortable for your dog.

Tip 9: Accept that your car is going to get sandy.

Tip 10: Always give your dog a bath when you come back from the beach, this will help avoid potential skin irritations. Need help with easy baths tips? We've got you covered.

Simple tips, to get the best from your trip to the beach…. oh, and yes remember to take photos for your insta page.

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