Puppy nutrition basics

Like human babies, puppies require good nutrition and plenty of sleep. Here's how to ensure that.

  • Puppies grow quickly and require extra nutrition for their rapidly expanding bodies, almost double the amount necessary for adult dogs. This ensures your puppy has the right sustenance to grow into a well-nourished and vigorous adult dog.
  • Puppies should be fed a healthy, high-quality meal three times per day. Snacking in-between meals should be discouraged in order to teach your puppy healthy eating patterns. Adult dogs should only be fed once or twice a day as per your vet's dietary recommendations.
  • Specially formulated puppy food takes the guesswork out of giving your puppy their daily nutritional needs. If you feed your puppy the right food from a young age they will not require any additional supplements.
  • Once you choose a particular brand of puppy dog food, stick with it. Changes in diet could upset your puppy's delicate infant stomach.

For breed-specific requirements its best to consult a vet.

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