Garden Items That are Harmful to Pets

Top 3 Things Founds in a Garden that are Harmful To Pets

We have put together a few tips to help keep your buddy safe outdoors. Gardens can be the perfect place for your pets to enjoy the great outdoors. However, they can also be danger zones for a curious cat or dog. Below are some common hazards that may be making your garden unsafe for your pets.

  • Do not use snail bait in your garden. Snail bait is the No 1 cause of accidental poisoning in dogs, which can result in seizures, and even death. Snail bait can come in pellets or liquid form, but both are highly toxic to dogs. Even one teaspoon of snail bait can be fatal. If you suspect your dog has consumed snail bait, take them to a vet or animal hospital immediately.
  • Plant bulbs can also be highly toxic to our pets. They might look like a chew toy to a playful puppy but chomping on plant bulbs can cause your dog to suffer from diarrhoea, nausea or skin allergies.
  • Lilies and cats can be a deadly combination that can result in feline kidney disease. Never allow your cat to chew on lily leaves or lick pollen, which can prove to be a fatal to our feline friends. Do not grow or bring home cut lilies if you have a cat.

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