Why you should never leave your dog in a car on a hot day

A hot car can be a dangerous place for a dog. A dog locked in an airless, closed car can suffer from heatstroke, brain damage or even death. Owners need to be responsible and informed about these dangers to prevent any harm.

We highlight some of the problems:

  • The temperature in a closed car can climb to over 50 degrees Celsius within minutes. A window left slightly ajar does not provide enough fresh air or circulation for dogs to breathe and cool themselves down effectively.

  • An over-heated dog will rapidly go from lively and energetic to tired and lethargic with heavy panting. Symptoms of heatstroke in dogs include fever, vomiting and lack of coordination.

  • If your dog shows any signs of heatstroke, find them a shady, cool area to recover in and plenty of water to drink. If your dog is still unwell, they should be taken to an animal hospital.

It is very dangerous to leave a dog in a hot car and it is up to owners to find an appropriate fresh air alternative or leave your dog at home.

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