Your very first puppy - getting settled in

So you've got your puppy - now it's time to introduce it to its new surroundings. In this article we give some advice on what to do once you have brought your puppy home.

One consideration is whether you already have pets at home. It is important that you never leave your puppy unsupervised with other pets.

Toilet training is a big one. Some tips include:

  • Choosing one spot in the garden for your puppy to do its business
  • Put them out after meals and sleeps, as this is when they are most likely to need to go
  • Be persistent with the routine, they won't always take to it straight away. Keep putting them in your chosen toilet area.

A huge challenge is those first few nights with the new puppy. Chose a secure location in your home to put them for the night, and make sure you resist going to see them if they cry. If you do, the puppy will believe that crying will always bring you to them. If you stick it out for a few days, they will start to settle down. And remember, where possible stick to your routines. The puppy needs to get used to being left alone.

Feeding your new puppy the right type and amount of food is also crucial. Speak to your vet about what they recommend, but generally four small meals per day is preferable. Don't worry that you are only feeding them dry food - there is no need to make their meals more exciting, like you would a human. They'll pretty much eat any food you put in front of them - so try to stick with the biscuits.

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