Safe games to play with your dog

What game are considered safe to play with my dog?

Play time for your pet is always good fun, for you and your four-legged friend, but just don't forget a few ground rules:

  • Avoid games involving any sort of aggression as you don't want to encourage this characteristic in your pet.
  • Dogs are a lot like kids, they love to hide and seek and chasing games, so balls and frisbees are always good.
  • Don't throw sticks. They can splinter and cause serious internal damage to your dog.
  • Try and avoid games like tug-o-war that are a contest between you and your pet as your dog may see this as a clear contest for dominance that could result in tension in your relationship.
  • Finally, at the end of play make sure at the end of the day with you always winning and in control. That way your dog has no choice but to see you as a person to respect and admire.

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