Puppy teething survival guide

It is no surprise that teething puppies love to chew! With a mouthful of sharp adult teeth by the age of 6 months, puppies need a variety of teething management strategies to keep your fingers and home destruction free.

We offer some top tips on how to best deal with your puppy's tenacious teething:

  • Puppies need to be introduced to dry food early to get used to the texture and taste. Dry food has the additional benefit of acting as a doggie toothbrush reducing the build up of plaque and cavities.
  • Like many infants, teething puppies just need something to bite on to relieve the discomfort of quickly growing teeth. Puppies will try to chew on almost everything so it is best to keep shoes and shoelaces out of reach. Instead, provide your puppy with a range of delectable chew toys to chomp down on.
  • Puppies also like to nip at people's fingers, which can prove more dangerous as the dog's teeth grow. This bad habit needs to be broken early. The best response to chewing on fingers is a firm “no" and substituting your delicious digits with a chew toy.

For breed specific teething requirements its best to consult your veterinarian.

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