6 top tips on how to take a dog to a pub

An outing to the pub can be a very rewarding experience but preparing for this adventure is an important part of process. Travel essentials include: a lead, travel water bottle and bowl, treats, toys and poo bags. In addition to these essential we have provided our top 6 tips for that successful outing to the pub.

Tip 1: Firstly, consider whether the pub is a suitable place for your dog. Do they get nervous around other dogs and people, if so, then going to the pub may not be the right outing for them?

Tip 2: Always check with the pub before you leave the house via website or phone – never assume.

Tip 3: Tether your dog to your chair with a short leash and get them to lie at your feet so they don’t create any obstacles for the bar staff and other customers. Keeping them out of reach of food and alcohol will prevent them from harming themselves. Check out our blog for more information on human foods harmful to dogs.

Tip 4: Use all the essential items you brought: the toys to entertain, the water to keep them hydrated and the treats to reward for good behaviour.

Tip 5: Be wary of the heat and look out for signs of over panting, dribbling or lethargy. If you see any of these symptoms, ensure you get them out of the heat and sun asap.

Tip 6: If your dog starts to show signs of anxiety (hiding away, licking their lips, showing aggression) then it’s time to leave, regardless of whether you are having a good time.

By following these simple tips, you will ensure a fun day out at the pub with your dog…. what could better.

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