How to choose a perfect dog toy

Top tips on how to find the perfect toy for your dog

Dogs absolutely love playing with a variety of toys that can be chewed on, kicked around and fetched. But not just any old toys will do. Our canine cohorts actually need specially designed dog toys made especially for them.

• Human toys can be dangerous to pets due to toxic dyes and materials used in their manufacturing. As dogs use their mouths to bite and gnaw their toys, they could swallow something that might be detrimental to their health.

• When choosing a doggie play item, only purchase tough dog toys that can withstand some hearty attempts at destruction.

• Make sure the toy has no detachable parts that your pet could accidently swallow or choke on.

• Vary the toys every so often to ensure your pet doesn't get too bored with the same old plaything.

Follow these tips to ensure your dog makes the most of their playtime with some delightful dog toys.

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