How to bathe a dog that's scared of water

It's no secret that some dogs just simply don't like the water.

The first trick is a kiddy pool. Start with no water, but instead lots of their favourite toys to entice them in. The idea is to make it a fun place to hang out. Getting them inside will take a lot of patience, so don't think they are going to simply hop in. No doubt, they will know you are up to something.

If they are just refusing to get involved, lower one side and give them a gentle nudge.

For one week, you want to be feeding them and playing with them in this area so they are totally comfortable. After one week, the water desensitisation begins.

Start by very gradually adding a little bit of water to the bottom of the pool. A centimetre each day should be enough. Try even placing their food into the pool, until of course the level is too high.

The key is to replace phobia with fun, in very small steps, and although it won't happen overnight, over three to four weeks, you should be making some progress.

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