How to stop your dog pulling on its lead


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Social Walking is an important skill your dog needs to learn. Many people have a hard time walking their dog, if their pet is constantly pulling (and choking) on the lead. In this video, dog trainer Basil Theofanides walks us through simple commands that could make walking your dog a pleasant experience rather than a horrid affair.

Who's the Boss?

You are the boss, you are in charge. First, get a tight grip on the leash. The best way to do so is to shove your right hand through the loop, while the left hand grips halfway through the leash. The idea is to walk along with your dog, and not follow its hurried movements.

Start with simple commands.

If your dog walks ahead of you, stop. With a high-pitch command, call your dog back to your side. Check your voice. It should not be a rough command that could terrify your dog, and neither should it be a gentle request. You are in charge, you set the pace for the walk. With regular practice, your dog will adapt to your pace. Praise and pats! Dogs love gentle pats and praise. Pat your dog encouragingly when it follows your instructions. Are they a good doggo? Yes they are, yes they are!

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